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6 Person Capacity

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This news update will address storm shelter related topics concerning the FEMA grant program, basic educational data concerning storm shelters and other topics related to the April 27th tornado. 


2016 Home and Garden Show

This year was our third year to exhibit at the Birmingham Home and Garden Show.  We were fortunate to gain several new customers and were pleased with the comments from everyone regarding how robust the safe rooms are.  We were fortunate enough to win the award for the most creative exhibit which was pretty exiting given the number of vendors present.


Precast Solutions Magazine Article



Shelter Location Map

It is important for someone to know how to find you if a major storm hits your neighborhood.  Most landmarks and signs are gone so it is very confusing to navigate areas that are very familiar to you.  With every shelter installation we provide a detailed map indicating your GPS coordinates as well as the location of the shelter on your property.  These maps should be given to the county EMA, local fire department, and to a friend or family member that lives more than 2 miles from you.  It is also beneficial to keep a copy in your shelter in the event that you cannot get out of the shelter.  Concrete does not typically impede cellular signals like steel does so you could call for help!

Jefferson County EMA Grant Meeting

I attended the Jefferson County EMA grant meeting on October 18th.  There were many grant recipients there who are very excited about installing their new storm shelter before the severe weather season starts.   One thing that I got out of the meeting was you can change shelter vendors without it being considered a "scope change".  If you decide that you want to move your storm shelter significantly, or that you want to go from above ground to under ground, this will be considered a scope change.  If this occurs, your application will be held until all of the other applications are processed.  The held applications will then be submitted to the Alabama EMA and FEMA for re-approval.  

When most people initially completed their applications, they chose a vendor from a list without having the time to research the shelter.  Also, since the applications were submitted, other options have become available that may be better suited for the grantee.  I have installed several grant storm shelters and am very familiar with the paperwork and program overall.  If you would like to change vendors or just have questions about your grant, feel free to contact me.  I will try and assist you regardless of your vendor.


F Scale vs. EF Scale

The F scale was developed by Dr. Theodore Fujita in order to relate the degree of damage due to high winds, to the intensity of the wind.  This scale rated tornadoes from a F0 to F5, with each category representing a wind speed range.  Since wind speed is not easily measured, it was estimated by evaluating the damage after a tornado or high wind event.  The fallacy in this method was that the damaged structures building materials and strength were not considered.  

The EF scale was developed and is a more precise way to classify wind events.  This scale uses 28 different types of damage indicators, such as building materials, when evaluating the damage after a tornado or other strong wind.

For a very detailed explanation of the EF Scale click here.